Dentists in New York need to be licensed to practice. However, in order to be eligible for licensure application, they must first complete a series of requirements. These include the educational and experience requirements set forth by the state of New York for aspiring dentists.Fulfilling all of these requirements can take a substantial amount of time. Let’s take a look at the process and how long it takes to become a dentist in New York.

Dentistry Course Duration in New York

In order to become a dentist in the Empire State, you must meet the following requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s Degree – 4 Years

These four years of undergraduate study do not need to be in a particular major. However, it is recommended that you take up courses in pre-medicine to help form a solid foundation for dentistry. Some dental schools may admit students after 2 or 3 years of undergraduate study, allowing them to complete their degree in a joint program. Students are required to complete at least 60 semester credits of undergraduate education in the state of New York.

    1. Dental Degree – 4 Years

Once you have passed the Dental Admission Test (DAT), you can enroll in a dental school. This program would typically last 4 years and would include both classroom training and clinical practice in a supervised setting. Coursework you are likely to study involves oral pathology, dental anesthesia and pharmacology etc.

    1. Residency – 1 Year

As of January 1, 2007, the state of New York requires all applicants for initial licensure to have completed an approved clinically-based dental residency program. This program should be at least 1 year long. Verification of this residency must be provided directly to the department, by the residency program director.


    1. Training – 2 to 6 Years

This training is mandatory for all dental specialties. However, general dentists do not need to go through any additional training or licensing. The training period varies according to the chosen specialty. For instance, oral and maxillofacial surgery programs can take up to 4 to 6 years of additional training.
Training is also mandatory for dentists who want to teach or conduct full time research.

    1. Licensing – A Few Months

The licensing process can take a few weeks to months. To qualify for licensure, you must get passing scores on Parts I and II of the National Board Dental Examination. In addition to that, the department must receive your passing score directly from the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations.

How Much Does a Dentist Make in New York

Dentists typically enjoy high salaries, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating $164,520 as the annual mean wage for general dentists in New York, in 2018. New York also happens to be the second highest employer of dentists in the US, with 8,700 jobs – second only to California, with 17,240 jobs.

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